As the name suggests, this subdivision is to further expand the vision of the ministry worldwide. Angiosperms is essentially made ​​up of partners, that is to say people who witness faith and interest in the mission and goals of the ministry. The partnership is not a simple association that serves the petty a man or a small group to share interests. It is not something to be taken lightly. It is a commitment, ie two or more persons who bind and shares a unique vision. It is a kind of relationship that requires hard work, regular communication, mutual understanding, a communion of hearts and God for foundation. So, is it a blessing incredible, indescribable joy and fertility profusely.

In addition to a commitment, partnership is also a priesthood, a divine mission for which we received a call. It is also a cause for which we must act with wisdom, diligence and dedication. By understanding why we present the partnership with a graceful attitude and amazed knowing that when someone makes the choice to partner with Jean Héder Little Brother & Ministries, he will understand in turn that his future and that of Ministry are now linked and as with any relationship of alliance or marital relationship, the ministry and he are one. He also understood that it is not only a partner with the department, but the department also is a partner with him. This means in essence its successes, trials, his efforts, his sorrows and joys are mutually shared experiences and at the same time they are doing God’s work.

Therefore, JHPFMI chooses to its partners a priority. A partner is not a monthly check or an unusual gift nor does a weekly prayer or a regular letter. It is much more than that. A partner is a collaborator and companion ministry. He is a worker in the same way that Dr. Little Brother himself in the Lord’s harvest. By being partners, the ministry and you are all part of a much larger than yourself and beyond your understanding institution. And you can see that you share the happy possibility and ultimate privilege of available resources in the hands of God to touch and bless humanity in countless ways, and thus, together grateful that only one of these options leads inevitably to a life worth living.

Posted at: 23-09-2014