Biography of Dr Petit Frere


John Eder Little Brother educator, motivator, counselor, author, musician and singer, is the founding president of the International Shabach Ministry and the senior pastor of Tabernacle of Praise Family, a ministry transforming lives, Carrefour located about 9 kilometers south of Port-au-Prince.


Shepherd Little Brother is known for his unconditional love to his homeland Haiti and its strong convictions about transforming it. It is heard in the country through radio and television programs in which he addresses the problems related to social transformation, economic and spiritual rights in general. He teaches in depth the Gospel of the Kingdom to the poor and led the transformation of a nation through the establishment of the Kingdom principles.


Some studies in Haiti, Jamaica and the United States has received several degrees in theology and counseling. Dr. Petit-Frère holds a BA and an MA in Biblical Studies and a Doctorate in Theology from Friends International Christian University.


Dr. Petit-Frère, who exercises his pastorate in the Caribbean and the United States, 22 years of marriage to Marcia, his wife, whom he met at Christ For the Nations Institute in Jamaica. They are proud of the three children they have given birth.